About Us

Moonberry Studios is a pretty name for a pretty awesome duo from the sunny coast of Portugal. We've been making games together since 2009 and have no plans to stop any time soon.

Game development, consulting, world domination. We can be reached at: info@moonberry-studios.com

Eduardo Barandas

Game Designer and dashing swashbuckler. A Codesmith by trade, but I'm usually busy enough wearing the hats of producer, UI/UX designer and any others that need to be worn.

Poke me @AetherGauntlet

Isabel Alves

Master Codesmith. I keep this ship running by converting caffeine into (mostly) working code. Whenever I'm not coding I'm probably playing games or crafting nerdy things.

Don't poke me @IsaCodesmith


Moonberry aims to remain a team of two for the foreseeable future and as such we're not hiring or accepting interns. Sorry!

Video Monetization

Want to make a "Let's Play" (stream, podcast, etc) video with content from any of our games? Go for it!

Moonberry Studios hereby grants explicit permission to publish the contents of any Moonberry game through any video broadcasting services, monetized or otherwise.